Jesus Is Looking For A Few Good Servants


Dr. Frank W.R. Benoit

Jesus is looking for a few good servantsMark 10:35-45

New year’s  message        Jan. 3, 2016        Frank W.R. Benoit

Introduction – From high-level or strategic positions to everyday common work, everyone wants to get the best person possible for the job. Nobody is looking for mediocre people to get the job done – and neither is the Lord Jesus. In today’s passage we’ll see that Jesus is looking for followers who will be good servants and not self-centered or self-seeking. This incident came just before Jesus’ final weeks of ministry.

  1. Seeking Privileges (vs. 35-40)
    A. James and John wanted to have the most privileged positions in Jesus kingdom (“your glory”- v. 37).
    B. Jesus basically tells them that it doesn’t come by asking for it (“You do not know what you are asking for”- v. 38-40).

Application: While God may bless us with many blessings and privileges, they are not there to be demanded of Him as a right.

  1. ­­­­Serving People (vs. 41-45):
    A. The other ten disciples got angry about it because they also wanted the best privileges for themselves (cf. Mark 9:33-37).
    B. Jesus uses the moment to teach them that in the world it is all about being “over” others (v. 42). To be successful the world says you have to be the ruler and authority to run the show.
    C. But to be a follower of Jesus is all about being under others, and means being a “servant” or “slave of all” (v. 43-44), because that is what Jesus Himself came to be and to do (v. 45).

Application: Following Jesus Christ is not (v. 43) about being over others, but about serving them and giving sacrificially for them.

Conclusion – In this coming year that God has put before us, we have a choice and opportunity of how we’re going to live our lives in relation to Him and in relation to others. The Lord Jesus Christ is looking for a few good servants, to follow Him and His example of serving. Are we willing to follow Him to be servers and givers in 2016? Or are we just looking for what we can get from Him in the coming year? Let’s follow Christ on His terms and not the way the world says to go.

Serving is part of spiritual growth and maturity.

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